Research Activities in the Department :

A number of research projects have been positively concluded and many more are in progress in the department . In the early 1978, the Depaetment of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering of the Rivers State University of Science and Technology ,Port Harcourt complected a research project in the design ,manufacturing and testing of the Osuekwu Mill, a small-to-medium scale palm oil mill(factory).

A cage wheel (tractor assist ) was designed and manufacture in the department. Solar chick brooder a new technology in the Port Harcourt Metropolis, was developed. A fire less cooker was already in the department before it appeared in the Nigerian Market, it is one of the many useful ways of environmental conditioning.

Through research work, it was established for the first time that we can plant and harvest maize any time of the year in Port Harcourt Metropolis using traditional practice of irrigation.

Other high profile research projects already concluded in the department of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering Engineering include :

  • The design and construction of a small scale feed mixer that runs at the speed of 521rpm and takes 2minutes to mix a batch of 9.55 X 10-3m3 of feed or flour.
  • Design and fabrication of improve palm oil –clarifier with a capacity of 150 litres/hour of palm oil.
  • Design and construction of a cassava lifter, that harvested the tuber on the average in half the time required by the traditional method .
  • Design and development of a workshop hydraulic press.
  • Design and development of the groundnut (peanut) winnow.
  • Design and development of a hulling machine for treculia(African Breadfruit) seed.
  • Wheeled along handle weeder ,rotor weeder ,spiral blade, lawn mower, mushroom dryer.
  • Design and development of incinerator.

There are still many numerous on-going research works in the department.