The Department has been involved in a variety of research programmes. Individual research projects and collaborative research are mainly in the areas of Structural Engineering, Transportation/Water Resources Engineering and Materials. The emphasis is to develop appropriate technology, i.e. to find solution to problems of local interest. In addition to staff seminars, the Department runs regular seminars for final year undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The major research activities have been in the areas of
  • Development of High Strength Concrete Mixes From Local Materials and Generation of Structural Characteristics For Design Applications
    • Development of local construction aggregates for structural concrete production.
    • Development of High Strength Concrete from Local Aggregates, such as 10mm all-in gravel, Lateric Rock aggregates, Periwinkle Shells.
    • Application of local agro materials as fillers and additives in concrete.
  • Experimental and Analytical Modelling of Buckling of Frames and Plates
    • The new numerical resonance modeling technique in dynamic and buckling analysis of plates.
    • Serviceability Moment Ratio Method for ultimate strength and serviceability analysis of structural beams and plates.
    • Investigation into the Lateral stability of In-filled Frames using Cement-Stabilised Lateritic Blocks
    • Modelling of Creep and Microcracking of Concrete under Uniaxial Tension
  • Development of New Finite Element Model of Timoshenko Beam
    • New Locking-free shear beam finite element for stress analysis of deep beams and frames
    • Application of new shear beam in grillage analysis
  • Geotechnical and Soil Improvement Studies for Foundations and Road Construction

These innovative efforts have resulted in scientific publications in national and international journal and conference proceedings.