News and Events
Retiree news:

The department of Agricultural and Environmental in collaboration with the faculty of Engineering organised an appreciation party its second retirees ; Mr. Chinaka Odua, Technical Officer; Mr. Christopher C. Ohaka, Higher Technical Officer; Mr. Friday Agbabne, Assistant Technical Officer; Mr. Love Eli Dema, Technician; Mr. J. Direh, Clerical Assistant; Mr. Wobisike Eugene, Technical Officer and Mr. Easter John(of blessed memory).

Staff development:

Three staff of the department are currently running their PhD programmes in various universities , within and outside Nigeria. The staffs and their places of studies include: Engr. Nkakini Silas O.(RSUST,Port Harcourt, Nigeria),Engr. Davidson D. Devis(New castle University, Upon Tyne),Engr.Reuben N. Okparanma(Crankfield University, Bedford shire)


The year 2011/2012 academic session the university administration recruited three lecturers to the department . They are Mr. Princewill Pryse Opiriari , Mr. Jumbo Raphael Butler and Miss. Ibiye S.k. Harry, for the positions of Assistant Lecturer and Graduate Assistants respectively. Of these was Miss Ibiye Harry a first class student of the department for 2010/2011 academic session having having a C.G.P.A. of 4.56 on 5 point grade system.


The department of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering has participated in several exhibition and few trade fairs ceremonies. In April, 2005 the department took part in the 21st,22nd and 23rd university exhibition at the convocation arena and exhibited ten (10) machines, equipment, and one (1) groundwater management soft wave for the Port Harcourt metropolis.

All designed and developed in the department ,the machines and equipment exhibited include : feed mixer, palm oil clarifier, maize, Sheller(manual), cassava harvest aid(cassava lifter),workshop press, drum concrete mixer, peanut(ground) winnow, 100 eggs capacity incubator, palm fruit macerator(digesters) and treculia winnow.

The Minister of Science and Technology, Prof. T.T. Isoun, in a short speech at the stand of the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering during the 2005 Rivers State Exhibition, congratulated the Department for producing one of the most practical engineers in this country(referring to Engr. Dr. Gbabo Agidi) a graduate of the Department who designed and fabricated a sugar cane crusher for sugar production in the Middle Belt states. The multimillion Naira project has since been commissioned.

The Minister commended the Department for high standard in academics and productive engineering and expressed satisfaction with the performance of Department.

Others include: National Science and Technology(NASTENT) week and exhibition,16th -19th October,2006;First Nigerian University Research and Development Fair,November,23th-25th,2004,Abuja;24th Convocation exhibition exercise of 2nd May,2012.