• Registration Procedure

    Students shall normally complete registration of courses for the semester not later than two weeks after the start of the semester. A student cannot withdraw from the course after a third of it has been given without permission from the Head of Department. (NUC guideline: Approved minimum Academic standards for all Nigerian Universities. July 1988 page7). A student who withdraws after this time or fails to sit for the final examination without reasons acceptable to the Faculty Board shall be deemed to have failed the course.

  • Graduation Requirement

    To satisfy the requirements for graduation, a student must take and pass the minimum number of units specified in the programme before he/she can qualify for the award of a degree in Engineering. In addition to the above, the student must pass all compulsory courses from Institute for Foundation Studies (General study courses) and the Supervised Individual Training Courses.

  • Student Academic Status

    A student’s academic status shall be determined on the basis of his/her performance at the end of the Semester examinations. The following categorization shall be used.

    Good Standing

    To be in good standing a student must in each semester have a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of not less than 1.00.

    WAF (Withdrawal For Academic Failure)

    A candidate whose Cumulative Grade Point Average is below 1.00 at the end of a particular year of probation should be required to withdraw from the programme though may transfer to another programme according to University regulation.

  • Deferment of Admission

    A student offered admission might apply for deferment for one year subject to the approval of Faculty Board and Senate

  • Re-Registration

    Student may withdraw from the university with the permission of the Faculty Board and Senate, but may apply for re-registration within one year of withdrawal. A student who wishes to re-register shall apply 2 months before the beginning of the semester on a prescribed re-registration form.

  • Enrollment

    At the beginning of each semester, all students shall enroll in person for all courses for which they are eligible.

  • Definition of a unit

    The University shall operate a course unit system in which one course unit is defined as one hour lecture of two to three hours tutorial/laboratory/workshop or fieldwork per week per semester.

  • Duration of semester

    Each semester shall consist fifteen (15) teaching weeks and two (2) weeks for examination as well as adequate provision for registration as stipulated in the registration procedure.

  • Examination, Grading Procedure and Results

    In addition to continuous assessment, final examinations shall normally be given for every course at the end of each Semester.

    The final grade shall be based on the following break-down: Final Examination 70%. Continuous assessment (Practical, Tutorials, Homework, Tests 30%).

    • Each course shall normally be completed and examined at the end of the Semester in which it is offered.
    • A written examination shall normally last for a minimum of one hour for one unit course
    Pass Mark

    The minimum pass mark in any course is 40%.

    Grading System

    Grading of courses hall be done by a combination of percentage marks and letter grades; translated into a graduated system of Grade Point Equivalents (GPE). For the purpose of determining students’ standing at the end of every Semester, the Grade Point Average (GPA) system is used. The GPA is computed by dividing the total number of credit points by the total number of units for all the courses taken in the Semester.

    The credit point for a course is computed by multiplying the number of units for the course by the Grade Point Equivalent of the marks scored in the course. Each course is graded out of a maximum of 100 marks and assigned appropriate Grade Point Equivalent. Grading of scores based on a 5-Point Grade System, and classification of degrees of graduating students, are presented in the following tables.

    Grading of scores for a 5-Point Grade System

    Percentage score







    Letter Grade










    Poor (Pass)


    Very Poor (Fail)

    Grade Point







    Classification of degrees








    First Class

    2nd Class Upper

    2nd Class Lower

    3rd Class


    I-incomplete implies undetermined work of passing quality but not completed. “I” may also be awarded when a student is given permission to sit for final examination at a later date or when a student withdraws from study with permission.