Marine Engineering is the art of application of scientific principles to the design, production, planning, operation, maintenance and management of engineering systems and equipment, which work in marine environment, such as ships, and the variety of offshore structures. The Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) degree programme is therefore designed to impact sound knowledge to students on the related principles.

The courses in the first two years of this five-year programme are common to most of the departments in the Faculty of Engineering and are devoted to presenting basic scientific principles and their fundamental relationships with engineering concepts. Lectures, tutorials and laboratory work are rooted in a broad-based, strong scientific background to enable the students acquire the necessary analytical skills for understanding and resolution of engineering problems. Courses in the third year are tailored to provide a seamless transition to the more specialized courses in the fourth and fifth (final) years of the programme. Thus the third year courses include courses from the Departments of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering in addition to some Marine Engineering courses. In the last two years, the emphasis is on the teaching of specialized courses in Marine Engineering which are divided into the following two options:

  • Ship Power Plants
  • Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding

These core courses relate to the overall concept of Ship Power Plants’ design, installation and maintenance; Naval Architecture, Shipbuilding, Marine operations, and Management. Furthermore, an in-depth study of some aspects of Marine Engineering in the form of a project, which can either be a design and/or experimental work, pure Research work or Case study, is undertaken by each student in the fifth year.

Industrial and Sea-Training of the undergraduate is an important aspect of the programme. Therefore, three periods of a total of 12 months of Supervised Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) which includes sea-training, is provided to develop professional skills and adaptability to industrial and sea life.