The Bachelor of Technology Programmes in Electrical and Computer Engineering are aimed at producing Engineers who will satisfy the senior manpower requirements of modern fast developing industry of Nigeria. Courses are therefore offered to impart sound knowledge to students to adequately prepare them for the tasks ahead.

It is believed that in a developing economy, such as we have in Nigeria, a broad based training for engineers is preferable to a highly specialized one using training in narrow field during the undergraduate training of the engineers. The programme offered is therefore guided by this concept, and, accordingly, the first three of the total training period of five years are devoted to advanced studies in Basic

Sciences. The first two years offer common courses to students of all Departments of the Faculty of Engineering. In addition to the Basic Sciences and Fundamental Engineering Courses, the necessary tools of Mathematics, Numerical Methods and computing are imparted. An equivalent of one year supervised Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWE) spread over two long vacations and one semester is provided during the study period to develop professionalism and adaptability towards industrial life.