Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering applies basic principles in Chemical and Physical Sciences to the development, design, fabrication and construction, operations, control and management of plants for the processing of raw materials from petroleum and organic sources to obtain useful products for human consumption. The programmes offered in the Department are therefore designed to impact sound knowledge to students in both practical and theoretical approach to the art of application of the related principles in the sciences in designing equipment and manufacture of products for national economy.

The first two years, which are common to all Departments in the Faculty of Engineering, are devoted to the study of the basic elements of Engineering science, in which the students are prepared for studies in any branch of Engineering. In the remaining three years, all the essential elements of Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering Science and practices are considered. Emphases are placed on process design and economics, students’ research and unit processes in the chemical, petroleum, petrochemical and related industries.

Furthermore, an equivalent of one year industrial work experience spread over the second and third year long vacation periods and the second semester of the fourth year is provided to develop professionalism and adaptability to industrial life.

An in-depth study of some aspects of Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering in the form of a final year experimental and/or theoretical project is included in the programme. The project work is research-oriented and provides fundamental skill framework for students to carry out independent research and development (R&D).