You are welcome to the Department of Chemical/Petrochemical Engineering of the Rivers State University, Port Harcourt. This is the premier University in Nigeria and as such the Department is peculiar in various respects.

The Department of Chemical/Petrochemical Engineering was established in 1970 along with the Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Marine Engineering (established in 1974) in the School of Engineering of the former College of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt. On the 6th of August 1980, the law establishing the Rivers State University of Science and Technology was promulgated which transferred to the University the assets and liabilities of the College. Thus, the School of Engineering in the former College of Science and Technology became the Faculty of Engineering of the University, comprising the aforementioned five departments. The Department of Agricultural Engineering joined the Faculty of Engineering from the Faculty of Agriculture in 1990.

The Department runs programs that lead to the award of B.Tech. (Bachelor of Technology), PGD (Post Graduate Diploma), M.Tech (Master of Technology), Ph.D (Doctor of Philosophy) degrees in Chemical/Petrochemical Engineering. The undergraduate program is designed to provide fundamental knowledge and then deepen the students’ grasp of Chemical/Petrochemical Engineering principles. It also introduces them to the techniques and tools of research, develops in them the spirit of enquiry and generally prepares them to face challenges and solve practical problem in the field of Chemical/Petrochemical Engineering. Since the graduation of the first batch of B.Tech degree in 1985 of the Department there has been tremendous progress and development in not only the economy but also political systems of our nation.

We are restructuring our program to meet the challenges of the time. Our plan is to bring to focus latest technology in the areas of Biotechnology, Nanotechnology and stem cell technology. We have plans to collaborate with industries in the area of research and development which bothers on solving the technical needs of the industry. Product and process development are key in this direction.

We therefore implore you to be part of the development and progress of Chemical/Petrochemical Engineering Department as student, industrialist, entrepreneur, researcher, consultant, product and process development engineers etc.