Faculty of Engineering started with the University in 1980: the institution had before then existed as a College of Science and Technology.

Although most people still think of our universities as places for higher education and basic research, today, universities lie at the heart of successful and leading economies around the world, since economic growth depends importantly on a country's capacity to develop and apply new technologies. The Rivers State University of Science and Technology (RSUST), as a Premier University of its kind in Nigeria, has remained one of the leaders in generating scientific and technological breakthroughs and preparing workers to meet the evolving demands for skilled labour in the Niger Delta and beyond.

Since a good education is much more than just the classroom-based learning of facts, or even the skill of critical thinking, the new administration in RSUST is committed to instilling moral values and ethical behaviours in students by giving them a solid grounding in those areas that will help them do well.

Read and know more about the faculty of Engineering Latest news and features Go to Departments Facilities in the school, particularly in the Laboratories and Workshops are first class and could be compared with any in any standard institution. The University runs 37 programmes at the undergraduate level and 86 at the postgraduate level.